Alison Friesen

Alison Friesen is a Registered Dietitian specializing in the areas of sport nutrition, disordered eating and fertility. She graduated from the U of S with a BSc. in Nutrition and completed her dietetic internship with the Saskatoon Health Region. Alison brings a strong athletic background to the field of nutrition, growing up competing in athletics, soccer and volleyball, both indoor and outdoor. Alison also spent a year in New Zealand, participating in an outdoor adventure program and finishing the program off by running a triathlon. Alison is a member of the Saskatchewan Dietitians Association (SDA) and Dietitians of Canada (DC). She is also a member of the DC Consulting Dietitians Network, Professionals in Nutrition for Exercise and Sport (PINES), DC Sports Nutrition Network, SWADE and the International Federation of Eating Disorder Dietitians (IFEDD).

Alison is a Consultant for the Sport Medicine & Science Council of Saskatchewan, working with a large range of athletes. Clients include Canadian Sport Center athletes, Canadian Para-Olympic athletes, NHL, WHL and a range of other hockey athletes, SK Provincial Teams, University athletes and a number of club teams of various sports around Saskatoon and SK.

Alison enjoys working with a range of ages, including children, youth and adults. She understands that developing healthy eating habits starts at a young age and loves to work with families to help them support their young athletes and develop a balanced household. Alison is sensitive and brings an empathetic demeanor when working with children, youth and families who have or have a history or disordered eating.

Alison is the founder and owner of Alison Friesen Nutrition, practicing out of Craven Sport Services and JB Performance. Alison also works alongside the Saskatoon Bone Fracture Liaison Clinic, a number of physician’s offices and a number of psychologists in the city providing collaborative care to her clients. Alison uses a client-centered approach to creating plans that best suit her client’s lifestyle and performance or health goals. Alison takes pride in offering her client’s evidence-based nutrition information.

Amanda Kilduff

Amanda Kilduff is a Registered Dietitian with a background in community nutrition, nutrition counselling, and nutrition support for individuals with eating disorders and disordered eating. Amanda graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and completed her Nutrition and Dietetics Practicum in the Saskatoon Health Region. As a member of the Saskatchewan Dietitians Association, Dietitians of Canada, and SWADE (Saskatoon Weight Attitudes and Disordered Eating), Amanda is proud to provide residents of Saskatchewan with evidenced-based nutrition support. Her counselling style involves using body trust and acceptance, as well as a mindful eating approach with clients.

Amanda currently works with residents at the YWCA Saskatoon Crisis Shelter and Residence to empower women and children with nutrition knowledge and food skills, she provides nutrition education for various community organizations through CHEP Good Food Inc. She regularly volunteers as a Dietitian Mentor at SWITCH (Student Wellness Initiative Through Community Health), working in an interprofessional wellness clinic setting.

Amanda is the founder of Nourishing Lives Society, a non-profit organization started in Saskatoon in 2016. Nourishing Lives Society strives to provide community support for individuals with eating disorders and disordered eating behaviours. In January 2017, the Meal Support Program began. This program offers a safe and supportive environment for individuals to follow their meal plan while transitioning from Mental Health and Addiction Services’ Dubé Centre to home or while already living in the community. Amanda understands that eating disorders and disordered eating are multi-factorial and that a team of professionals are essential for each client’s success in treatment and recovery.

Amanda’s passion for nutrition stems from the rewarding result of helping individuals learn to build a healthy relationship with food, as she believes that everyone deserves to enjoy food and to feel confident with his or her nutrition choices. Amanda is an avid cook and loves to try recipes with new flavours and aromas.



"From professional athlete to occasional runner to living YOUR game of life, Craven SPORT Services can work with you to improve your performance and help you develop techniques to prevent and overcome injuries. "

Craven SPORT Services runs an interdisciplinary facility in Saskatoon where teams of specialists focus on full injury treatment that won't just temporarily fix your symptoms but will help YOU fix what's causing them. Our health management methods prevent further injury, maximize performance, and allow you to truly enjoy being active. 

Through sport physiotherapy, orthopaedic rehabilitation and training in strength and conditioning,  Craven SPORT Services will help you move from injury to injury care and management, then to injury prevention and improved performance potential. Additional supports are provided with a variety of consultants working in house, including:

  • Sport Medicine Physician
  • Physical Therapists certified in Acupuncture
  • Massage Therapists
  • Dietitians
  • Psychologists



Our mission is to provide our clients with personalized expert health care in the fields of sport physiotherapy, orthopedic rehabilitation and training in strength and conditioning. Through our knowledgeable service and extensive program base, our clients gain the skills to make empowered, informed decisions that positively impact their personal health and well-being.  


Our vision is to provide state of the art health and wellness services of the highest quality, empowering both individuals and companies to become avid health consumers responsible for their well-being and fulfillment. Guided by integrity, life-long learning, and a commitment to comprehensive health care, we provide evidence-based service tailored to our clients’ needs. We strive to continually expand our knowledge of health, while empowering our clients to do the same.



JB Performance Training is a 4,000 square-foot High Performance Training Facility geared towards the athletic population. Thirty yards of turf combined with a 1400 sq ft. weight room area makes it ideal for any athlete that is looking to upgrade their current training regimen. The facility is equipped with everything the athlete will need: squat racks, lifting platforms, free weights, sleds, medicine balls, chains, and a variety of other tools to help each athlete reach their full athletic potential. Along with this there are 2 fully equipped and spacious change rooms with lockers, washrooms, and showers.

Each client is given a comprehensive assessment once they enter our doors. Individualized programs are given to maximize results in a small group setting. We look for possible systemic dysfunction, imbalances, mobility restrictions, stability requirements, and movement deficiencies. It’s this attention to detail that has allowed our athletes to play at their highest level.



LIFEBRIDGE Health Centre (LHC) is a new medical facility in the community of Stonebridge in Saskatoon. LHC is a primary health care clinic pursuing the formation of integrated healthcare programs and services which address the psychological, social, spiritual, and physical needs you may have as an individual and as part of a family and community.

Our services are designed to help you improve your health. The LHC team includes physicians, nurse, dietitian, medical office assistants, and administrative staff.