I believe in effective and efficient client services

Establishing strong, authentic relationships with clients and teams based on trust, commitment and respect is an important part of providing a quality health service.

I believe in an interdisciplinary approach

A registered dietitian is a regulated health care professional. After completing a 4-year undergraduate degree in nutrition and a 1-year internship, dietitians must pass a national exam to be licensed. As a regulated health profession, an RD works with the client along with the family doctor and other health care team members to provide the best care possible. I will communicate with the physiotherapists, physicians, trainers and coaches to provide an integrated service.

I believe in the research

Research is evolving everyday, in science and in practice. I believe that through evidence-based practice and professional judgment, I can support my clients in meeting their goals.

Everyone is unique and full of worth

I believe it is my job to inspire each client to reach their potential and gain confidence in themselves and their performances. I approach each client as an individual. Everyone is different and comes with his or her own unique bodies and experiences.

I believe in eating real, delicious food.

I want to provide my clients with practical tools on how to meet their nutritional goals and believe that eating real, delicious food is the best and only way to do that.