Fertility Services

Fertility is a complicated and at times, frustrating, lonely and difficult process. AFN provides resources, support and education to help you achieve a healthy pregnancy.  *All programs include collaboration with health care team


Starter Fertility Package

Fertility is not a straight forward process. It can be a long journey. This package was designed to get you started in the process. It includes:

  • 90 minute initial consultation with the dietitian
  • An initial nutrition assessment of couples, review of current eating patterns
  • A starter nutrition plan based on goals, assessment, lifestyle, and daily routines. Specific food or nutrient recommendations are made for both individuals
  • Review of lab work, medical records, medications, supplements, current fertility treatments (if any)
  • 3 x 45 minute follow up sessions for further support, education and next steps in nutrition planning


Stay tuned for fertility workshops!